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Mobile Boat Detailing

A unique service where we come to you and cater for all your boat detail requirements at HOME, OFFICE or MARINA. We are dedicated to our work and in actual fact, we see it more of a passion and a healthy obsession. Being boating enthusiasts we understand your needs and are very passionate to deliver the best service possible.

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We strongly believe in preventative maintenace, by protecting your gelcoat, you dramatically prolong the affect of ageing and greatly reduce cleaning time. If your boat is new or in very good condition this service is ideal and relatively inexpensive. We use premium products that have been formulated for tropical conditions resulting in a durable finish. For boats exposed for long periods of sunlight and outdoors, we recommend multiple coats and regular intervals. Moored boats can be done on the water.

Polish & Wax

This service is suited to boats that have dull oxidised fibreglass. The fibreglass is corrected using the highest quality compound specifically designed for gelcoat. These compounds are formulated for fibreglass boats. The result is a deep rich shine and a highly polished surface. A barrier of protection is now applied in the form of a wax. When dry, the wax seals the finish and forms a shell over the gelcoat. The sealed finsh repels foreign matter, hence making the surface easy to clean, dramatically reducing maintenance, and the wax protects the gelcoats from the harsh UV sunlight.

Gelcoat Rejuvenation

Old, discoloured, chalky, very faded and oxidised fibreglass can be brought back to life. By using specific techniques and products we can restore gloss and shine to your boat and then seal and protect the gelcoat. This service is ideal for those who are presenting their boat for sale, where first impressions are paramount.

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